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The mission of Coop’s Troop Foundation, Inc. is “Doing Cooper Work”.  Below you will find some of the ways the Foundation has benefited Courageous Children across the country.

Third Annual Cooper Matthew Richards Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Matthew Collins on receiving the 3rd Annual ~Cooper Matthew Richards Memorial Scholarship~

Matthew is graduating from St. Francis Xavier School and continuing his Catholic school education at Boston College High School, in the Fall.

We hope he carries the mission of “Cooper Work” on his new chapter and journey.

Good luck, Matthew

CT Scholarship

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Doing Cooper Work Acts:

Numerous donations have been made in various children’s names for the diseases they are fighting or for research and personal involvement in each- including Doug Flutie Foundation, Special Olympics, SNAP, SEPAC, RETT Syndrome Association, March of Dimes, Friends of Mighty Quinn, Joanna’s Place, Boston Children’s Hospital, Autism Awareness, Friends of the Unborn, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, NBIA, NTSAD, Boston Children’s Hospital – Division of Genetics and Metabolism, The Jimmy Fund, Warm Hands, Warm Hearts and the MR8 Foundation

Community support including the annual Cooper Matthew Richards Memorial Scholarship, Annual Coop’s Troop Holiday Toy Drive to benefit children in need at the holidays, support to local families, food drives, race and event sponsorship, awareness speeches and talks about Cooper and the support that our family received throughout his diagnosis.

  • 11 year old girl with a rare form of Cancer; sponsored training of obedience and therapy for her young dog so that she could enjoy being around the dog in a calm and therapeutic manner.
  • Purchased an adaptive chair/stroller for an 18 month old little boy with a rare genetic disorder.
  • Helped a family with financial support while their infant was in the neonatal intensive care unit.  This included gas and meals while staying inpatient with the baby around the clock.
  • Purchased and gifted an adaptive outdoor swing for quality of life summer fun for a 2 year old boy with a genetic disorder.
  • Sponsorship support to the Special Olympics for the Town Tigers, a local team of athletes – Go, Tigers!
  • 300+ pairs of comfortable pajamas were donated, with the help of supporters of the Coop’s Troop  Foundation, to the ~Pajama Program.~  The pajamas went directly to children in need at Family Aid Boston and Franciscans Children’s Hospital.
  • A hoyer lift was purchased to help a critically ill, 16 year young lady, go home safely from the hospital to her home.  She loves being home.
  • Assisted with home modifications for a young child waiting for a kidney transplant.  Coop’s Troop helped with financial support toward a dehumidifier, stand up air conditioning unit and generator to keep him in comfortable conditions, out of the hospital and at home.
  • Hospital grade breast pumped purchased for a critically ill baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for nutrients, healing and ease for the Mom in caring for this beautiful baby
  • A cooling vest was purchased for a 10 year old girl with Mitochondrial disease, who has a difficult time enjoying the hot weather due to body temperature issues.  The cooling vest will help her enjoy the summer months outside.
  • An adaptive bath seat was purchased for a young baby bravely fighting a life limiting disease.  Tubs in comfort and warmth are important for this sweet baby boy.
  • Assisted a 13 year old, young lady with a complex medical history by purchasing a vibrating floor mat and a bouncy seat designed for an older child.  She is happiest and most comfortable when she is bouncing and vibrating.
  • Sponsored the Mighty Metabolites Team for Boston Children’s Hospital Eversource Walk.
  • Provided flotation devices for two children with Cerebral Palsy and other disabling conditions to enjoy the summer season
  • The Foundation was able to assist a beautiful family with travel needs to Boston Children’s Hospital, from out of state. They were able to be close to their sweet 4 month old baby girl in her final moments on this earth
  • Sweet, Z is a beautiful 4 year old little girl. She is happiest when she is with her family, in the comforts of their home.  Her Mom is finding that she enjoys being with her sisters in the family play room. But, she is having difficulty incorporating her into the playtime since she does not have a safe, comfortable and space appropriate place to lay her. While we discussed lots of adaptive ideas, her Mom thought a futon would be a nice option for day time play incorporation for Sweet, Z.
  • Sponsorship for a Special Needs Prom
  • A little boy with Cerebral Palsy who wishes to take therapeutic horse riding lessons in the Spring; this therapy will help him with muscle control and strengthening, balance, poise and confidence
  • Charming child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder was gifted a large, custom weighted blanket for contentment and security and noise cancelling headphones for neurological startle assistance and comfort
  • 11 year old girl battling terminal cancer, in the hospital for Christmas.  Granted her Christmas wish:  a laptop and all accessories
  • 11 year old young lady with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Coop’s Troop funded private music therapy sessions.
  • Sent a Tom Brady jersey and donation to assist with vehicle and home modification to an 11 year old boy who is a die-hard Boston sports fan
  • Delivered artistic supplies to a 9 year old girl so she could document her Wish trip
  • Child in Georgia, donated an adaptive swing for a his play-set in their yard.
  • Donated pediatric supplies to the Children’s Hospital hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.
  • Local 5 year old girl with a rare form of Cancer, in need of comfortable seating; the Foundation purchased a Yogibo seating system for her home so she could contently watch her favorite Disney movies.
  • Teen girl afflicted with an autoimmune disease with a dream of opening her own cupcake business- the Foundation donated a cupcake supply basket and a donation to help with medical bills.
  • 2 year old girl, diagnosed with an NBIA disorder, donation sent to help fund research for this rare disease with no cure and a basket of adaptive toys.
  • Two small babies, afflicted with neurological disorders-donated vibrating seats for their comfort.
  • 9 year old boy, with Cerebral Palsy contributed gift cards to Petco for a therapeutic fish tank towards his wish.
  • 1 year old, boy, afflicted with Spina Bifida, provided him with new clothes, books and adaptive toys.
  • ‘Honest’ brand diaper drive held for a young boy with special needs and a skin condition enabling him to use the one an only brand of diaper and wash for his sensitive skin.
  • Back to school drive for those in need to honor Cooper’s girlfriend Cora who passed away from Tay-Sach’s disease.
  • 4 year old, girl, paid forward Cooper’s handicapped ramp for their home and gifted adaptive toys.
  • Purchased an iPad and iTune gift cards for a nonverbal young child with special needs to help with communication needs

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